About Elemental

Raid times: Tues/Thurs: 6-9 server time (CST). Possibility of raid slot moving back an hour to accommodate schedules. Looking to begin alt/casual clears on Saturdays. Other nights we look to run Mythic/M+ groups and farm consumables.

Currently seeking:

DPS (4-5):

      Shadow Priest


      Arms/Fury Warrior


    Other classes are free to apply!

Healer (1):
    Mistweaver would be ideal. Open to any class to fill our last healer slot

We are looking to build a solid 20-man roster to eventually push Mythic content. We currently have a consistent core of about 12-15 that we are comfortable with and want to add to. Normal progression was completed at a solid pace, but Heroic has been hindered by attendance. Attendance has been a large issue for us the past 2-3 weeks, largely in part to a bad streak of luck, so extra bodies would be a huge benefit.

What is Elemental?:
We're a group that's been together for about half a year now. With the transition into Legion we've gained and lost a few bodies. We vary in age from college-age to mid 30's, but welcome any and all to our group! Our focus is progression raiding, but we like to have fun and joke along the way. We like to hang out Discord and help each other any way we can. We praise individuals, focus on the team, and get fat epics.

Who we're looking for:
Warm bodies that can play their class! (Kind of serious?) Really we're looking to expand and fill out our raid group. We understand that people will occasionally have to miss raid lockouts, but unfortunately this has hindered our progress. We're looking for players that want to progress each week while having fun. Our goal is to at least hit Ahead of the Curve in each released raid tier during Legion, and push into Mythic progression.

Raider Expectations:
      Show up on-time. "On-time" means 15-minutes early. We look to form raid, summon, repair, etc. so that we are ready to pull right when the server clock hits 6pm.

      Come Prepared. This means that you have necessary consumables (Flasks, Food, Pots) and gems/enchants prior to the raid. Also that you are familiar with fights (watched strat videos, read mechanics, etc.) We have a number of people willing to help, and are using guild funds to help augment consumable costs, so this shouldn't be an issue if you make any effort.

      Attendance. This is key. You need to be willing to make time to commit to our raid times, as well as some additional time for raid prep. We are mostly working adults, and understand life doesn't revolve around WoW, but being available for the vast majority of Raid Lockouts is key to our progression goals.

    Have fun, but show respect. We're all here to have fun, and want to work together to achieve progression goals in the process. That said, behavior that is detrimental to the raid or guild will not be tolerated. Whether it's language towards another team member, constant distractions/outbursts, or whatever have you. You will be warned if it's becoming an issue and given a fair shot to correct yourself.

If any of this strikes your fancy or you have more questions, please reach out so we can get the conversation going. In-game shoot mail/whisper Barlidor or Valmorgan or comment here.

Thanks for your time, happy raiding!
Guild News


by Sweetzer, 91 days ago

200K DPS minimum for H-EN! 3/7H Great work! Make sure to have consumables available for raids and also show up on time. 

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by Sweetzer, 101 days ago

Val will be away for a few days, please refer to Giave, Wesh, or Bar for now. 200k DPS min for H-EN! Thurs is progression night

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